Review: Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue on Blu-ray

18th December 2010 1 Comment

Earlier on in the summer, boy and Garden Girl were exceptionally lucky and got to go to the premiere of Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue. It was a really fantastic day, they even got to meet Tinkerbell and they haven’t stopped talking about it since. If you ever want to inspire and delight your small child get someone to dress up as Tinkerbell…

We have been really eagerly awaiting the release of the film on Blu-ray, not least because its a great film full of excitement, adventure and mild peril. It also features my old place of work; the Natural History Museum in London. It’s a lovely story featuring a little girl who has a very busy father who works and an entomologist. She has to play alone a lot and that’s how she manages to capture Tinkerbell using a home made fairy house. The other fairy’s enact a rescue which is gripping to watch (well, if you are little). It’s a great film and one that you can leave them alone to watch if needs be, as it has nothing to worry about in it- except for a ‘scary’ cat.

Have a little look here

The beauty of Blu-ray comes in the clarity of image and the colours. With Tinkerbell this comes into its own; the fairy dust really does look metallic and magical, the colours and beautiful and the fairy’s wings jump off the screen. As an added bonus you get the DVD with the Blu-ray, we find this comes in very handy for leaving with nanny so they can watch it whilst being looked after at someone elses house.

It’s worth noting that although you might think that the Tinkerbell movies are primarily suitable for little girls there are some boy fairies featured in the film and I am yet to find a little fella who hasn’t enjoyed watching them!

For every copy sold Disney will give #1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity. A great film and a great cause!

We received a copy of the Blu-ray and DVD to keep so that I could write this review.

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