Book Review: A B C & Do by Lee Singh and Karen Wall

11th September 2013 No Comments

A B C & Do is one of those flap books which until you actually look at with children you don’t realise how valuable it is. Packed absolutely full of flap, things to twist and the most beautiful illustrations this is a lovely book for getting children to think about their phonics and to introduce them to the alphabet.

I must admit I don’t normally enjoy alphabet books because they are a bit simplistic for me. However this book is wonderful because it is so interactive. I found that all the children in our house liked this book from the 1 year old who enjoyed looking at the flaps, the four year old who liked the flaps and guessing the phonics to the 6year old who revelled  in reading it to the younger ones.

The idea behind this book is so simple it set us off on a journey making our own picture books based around letters. I love it when something so simple can spark off an idea. We have had lots of fun looking at how to make artwork more interactive and I suspect there will be some Christmas cards with flaps this year!

A lovely book which I can highly recommend. You’ll find more information here

Disclaimer: We were sent this book for review purposes

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