Book Review: Princesses Are Not Just Pretty by Kate Lum and Sue Hellard

27th February 2014 No Comments

Princesses Are Not Just Pretty instantly appealed to little 5 year old Fifi. Almost instantly I was plunged into a conversation about with one was the prettiest. It was decided that pink hair was better than purple and the pink haired princess had a dog so she was clearly the best. Sigh. Small girls can be predictable!

In terms of the story, I felt that it was a touch too long for a five year old and possibly better suited to a seven year old. However, Fifi seemed to enjoy it and the idea that there is a lot more to being a princess seemed to be taken for granted by her. I love books which show her that there is more to life than being pretty and so for that alone I give this book a big thumbs up.

Without doubt the best part of this book is when the princesses finally get to the beauty contest looking rather bedraggled. I LOVED this and so did Fifi, possibly because we have more important things to do than look pretty and both of us are a bit naturally bedraggled. If you can identify with that, then this book is for you.

You’ll find all the information about the book here

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