Book Review: Monkey Nut by Simon Rickerty

3rd February 2013 No Comments

Last year we were sent The Yoga Ogre by Peter Bentley and Simon Rickerty and it remains one of the children’s favourite books, we read it practically every day and it has the kids falling about in laughter. So we were delighted when we received a copy of Monkey Nut by Simon and Schuster.

Yet again, its a little gem and had us laughing out loud. In fact, this one really appealed to me in particular the page which the two little spiders arguing about who the monkey nut belongs to *mine!* in bold type all over the page and 2 little spiders playing tug of war with it. That’s not analogous to our household at all. Ahem.

One of the things I thought was brilliant about this book was that the language was very simple and that there are not many words. It means that its actually perfect for little Fifi who is at the start of her reading journey. She actually had a really good chance at reading the entire bedtime story for us, so I gave it a go and she valiantly succeeded! We discussed the pictures along the way and now I’ve been instructed to go and buy some monkey nuts  so we can think about all the different uses for them and do some crafting. A brilliant idea for a fab little kids book.

You can find out more and get hold of a copy over on the Monkey Nut page of the Simon and Schuster website

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