Book Review: Baby’s Got the Blues by Carol Diggory Shields illustrated by Lauren Tobia

13th February 2014 No Comments

Baby’s Got the Blues is a lovely rhyming verse all about how being a baby is enough to make you cry and to give you baby blues. Despite its blue cover, which I think slightly lets it down because it doesn’t really give you a feel of the book, this is a really vibrantly illustrated book which perfectly depicts exactly how frustrating it is to be a baby.

I really, really enjoyed reading this to little Fifi (5) and her little brother Ned (2) who is still at the baby stage where a lot of things are frustrating. We had a good old laugh about how Ned really wanted all the food we were all having when he was tiny and only allowed milk. We also attempted to sing it on one occasion but I’m not all that good at singing the blues!

I think this is a perfect book for helping older siblings to understand how frustrating it can be to be a baby, something which is very hard to explain to them. We really enjoyed reading it as a family. It was only when I started to think about the illustrations as they looked quite familiar that I realised that Lauren Tobia also illustrates the Anna Hibiscus books these are some of our favourite reads thanks to the illustrations.

I’d suggest that this book would be a perfect gift for anyone looking to buy a second or third baby present. It is a lovely read which reinforces why babies behave like they do and why we love them so much.

You can find out more on the Walker Books website here.

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